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The August Riots

Date: Friday, 02 December 2011
Time: 19:00
Venue: Hyrda Books, Week 34 Old Market
Speaker: Roger Ball

The August “riots” were portrayed by the media and politicians as the actions of “greedy feral cheap mlb jerseys youth” within propia a “criminal underclass”. Most of these politically loaded explanations were presented before what had happened was even known.

Using hard research and the voices of participants, this event will provide wholesale nba jerseys an analysis of the “riots” of August, considering what (actually) happened, who was involved and how they munnen did it. It will A also critique the representation of the events This in the media Event and mainstream politics.

Details of all our events can be found on the calendar page.

Part cheap nfl jerseys of Bristol Kelebihan Radical History Group’s opening week of events for wholesale mlb jerseys the Hydra.

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Liverpool 1911- A City On The Edge

Date: Sunday, 27 November 2011
Time: 15:00
Speaker: Steve Higginson
Venue:Hydra Books, 34 Old Market

“Rhythms That Carry”

“You need not attach great importance to the rioting in Liverpool last night. It took place in an area cheap jerseys where disorder is a chronic feature”.
– Winston Churchill

When Churchill made this statement to Parliament, Liverpool was under tropical martial law: a gunboat was eventos moored on the Mersey, dockers, seafarers, and transport workers were on general strike.

Rhythms that Carry, will explore and illuminate new histories concerning the events of 1911. In 1886, a magazine described Liverpool as being the “New York of Europe,…..

A World City”. The Hallo open-ended nature of the port gave Liverpool a cosmopolitan edge and had a cheap jerseys profound impact on the industrial, artistic, educational, cultural and social life of Liverpool.

However, there are questions that have remained unanswered with regards to the spontaneous nature and Sevgiliye causes of the strikes that engulfed Liverpool across that long hot summer.

Rhythms that Carry, will attempt to answer these questions and much more besides.1911 represented the birth of Speed-Up Capitalism. A natural tide and motion was being replaced by time and motion. The prominence of women and people of colour left cheap nba jerseys a lasting imprint and symbolised Liverpool as the epicentre of new interlinking cultural and social movements………What was the influence of Liverpool 1911 on Charlie cheap nba jerseys Chaplin?

Part of Bristol Radical History Group’s Week “Scouse Sunday”

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