Event Booking

If you wish to book a meeting or event at the bookshop please fill in the below form.

Please try and book at least 2 weeks before your event (especially for gigs) and allow around a week for your event to appear before contacting us.

For meetings which are open to the public, or that need someone to make coffee we have an hourly rate of £12 donation.

For small private meetings (outside of opening hours) that don’t require any Hydra crew we ask for a minimum donation of £12 flat rate for the space . There are some exceptions to this pricing structure.

For meetings in regular opening hours (12-6, Tuesday to Friday) that don’t disrupt normal functions of the shop (i.e. quiet, less than 10 people) we don’t charge, but booking is advised. It’s rare that we would close the bookshop to regular customers if we do we ask for the full donation.

Please note that we cannot promote events and all events are subject to the safer spaces policy and our Photography and Audio Visual policy.

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Please try and book at least 2 weeks before your event
Please Check Calendar

(For large block bookings we may wish to discuss dates with you.)


If you are a regular booking and would like to arrange your own permanent keyholder, please get in touch at info@hydrabooks.org

Event requirements:
This will require a Hydra volunteer present, and will mean you pay the hourly rate even if your event is private. You're free to provide your own refreshments at no extra cost.

Important:Please add events@hydrabooks.org to your contacts

many people have not seen our replies as they have ended up in their spam folders

We’d love it if event organisers could help with tidying and re-arranging the shop, as well as with persuading people to leave when we need to lock up – allowing for this kind of thing when telling us what time you need us to lock up is great too!