Photography and Audio Visual policy

Photography and Audio Visual policy for Hydra Books Ltd.

Hydra Books Ltd. (34 Old Market St, Bristol, Avon BS2 0EZ), here after referred to as the VENUE, have a strict recording and photography policy that must be adhered to when you have booked the space for any event.

Where we at the Venue do not Prohibit the use of AV recording or photography for personal use we require that any planned recording or photography is done with the full knowledge of all people using the Venue for the booking.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Your original point contact

  2. All staff, this will be passed on from your original point of contact

  3. All customers, you must make it clear to people on both event pages and as they enter the Venue that you plan to record.

Failure to comply will lead to the Venue withdrawing from any future event planned by you, as well as groups or individuals directly connected to you.

If the Venue realises you are recording (either in AV or audio format) or carrying out photography in the Venue without the consent of the Venue, and/or without informing customers of such; then any and all equipment used for this purpose will be taken and the offending recordings/images will be deleted. Your equipment will be returned to you after the booked event is over.

This is a NON-NEGOTIATABLE policy of the Venue. In hosting your event in the Venue you agree to this policy.