George Caffentzis: Resistance to Debt (BRHG)

Thursday 22nd November

Resistance to Debt is increasingly the way that class struggle is
being expressed today. But debt resistance is not new. In Ancient Rome
the battles between debtors and creditors were real ones, fought to
the finish. This kind of struggle has returned in the late 20th
century in many parts of the world though in a less bloody manner.
Caffentzis will discuss one of the largest debt resistors’
organization in history, the El Barzon (or The Yoke) movement in
Mexico in the 1990s. A number of common elements in these movements
will be discussed and their strengths and weaknesses will be
discussed. Finally, he will introduce the work of a debt resistors’
organization that is forming in the US arising out of the Occupy
movement in the US.

George Caffentzis is a philosopher of money and a participant in
Strike Debt who lives in NYC.

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