Supply Chains in Capitalism Today: From Foxconn to Walmart.

Thursday 27th of June

7:30 – 9:30

Price: Donation

Speaker: Gifford Hartman


One of the forms in which the working class exists today is at the
various nodal points along global commodity chains. Global production
is based on a system of “factories without walls,” where
increasingly components are manufactured using an inventory-less
subcontracting system that races around the globe looking for the
“leanest” costs of production – especially cheap and compliant
labor. Yet these just-in-time chains are vulnerable and this
presentation identifies the nodes where struggles offer the greatest
possibility for solidarity to spread down supply chains – and across
oceans and borders. The presentation will show the links between bread
riots worldwide in 2008, the Arab Spring, and the Occupy shutdown of
the Port of Oakland, California in November, 2011.

Gifford Hartman is a writer and activist from California, USA.

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