There is no going back; there is only moving forward!

Dear friends,

We’re sad to have to announce that after nearly eight years on Old Market, Hydra’s lease is coming to an end on June 30. Our landlords want to redevelop the building, including the housing above Hydra Books.

BUT! This isn’t the end of Hydra. We’ve had seven years of books, gigs, community and organising and we’re going to have more. We’re investigating all our options and exploring lots of ideas for our future. 

We’re hugely thankful that many of you have offered your support. So what can you do? It’s still early days and as we begin to plan, we want to know about /any/ contribution you can make to securing Hydra’s future. We’re not ruling anything out at this point; you might have skills or advice we’ve not even thought about! Any offers of help are valuable. 

What if you want to help but don’t know what you can do? 

* Get involved in Hydra! We always need volunteers and there are many many different ways to join in with this work. You can fill in a volunteer form here: We have a new volunteers day on the first Saturday of the month, but you can always drop in to chat any day we’re open. 

* Tell us about other spaces that might suit Hydra, especially if they are low-cost, or you have contact with the owners or other people involved. 

* Tell us about other groups, new or existing, who may also be seeking, or have sought, premises in the past. 

* Talk about us! Tell people we exist, get them to swing by! The message is not one of doom, we want to encourage more people to connect with us – We’re still active and we intend to be around for plenty of time to come. You can email us at and call us on 0117 3297401. 

Thank you for all the ways you support the existence of Hydra – you make it what it is. Let’s make sure it has a future. 

With love, 

The Many-Headed Hydra

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