Meet the Author – 26 Jan – Tim Gee “Counterpower, Making Change Happen”

Date:         Thursday 26th January 2012

Time:          7:00 pm

Place:        Hydra Books

Counterpower is the single idea which explains why social movements succeed or fail. It has helped win campaigns, secure human rights, stop wars and even bring down governments.

Change can and does happen. But why is it that some campaigns succeed while others fail? Is it luck, or is there a common strategy unifying those that have achieved their aim, and what can we learn from the past? In Counterpower, activist Tim Gee seeks to get to the root of how change happens by taking an in-depth look at the strategies and tactics that have contributed to the success (or otherwise) of some of the most prominent movements for change from India’s Independence Movement to the Arab Spring. He concludes that any campaign is winnable in theory, but only if we are aware of our power.

About the Author: Tim Gee delivers training sessions for political activists. He studied Politics at Edinburgh University, where he was also active in the student movement. Tim has also contributed to several campaigning guides and manuals.

Published by New Internationalist Books – People, Ideas and Actions for Global Justice

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