Acoustic Night.

Saturday 26th of January.
Join us for our first music night of 2013! with some upcoming and sublime local talent.

Ryan Inglis
Ryan Inglis’ music is an acoustic guitar base, matured for over 10 years infused with gospel inspired rhythm, melodic bass-lines. Garnished with haunting strings & grade A lead guitar hooks and seasoned with chopped dance/trance samples. Connoisseurs will appreciate the thoughtful lyrics and the vocal tone (a particular delicacy) Low in fat, Ryan Inglis is also suitable for vegetarians and with a calorie count of 0 you can listen to as much as you like guilt free.

Rhiane Hacker
“I’d say I really began songwriting in february 2012, I had written a few songs beforehand but they were never really that great. Music has always meant a lot to me. It’s cliche but it’s there for me when the world isn’t. I think that music has the power to show the deepest secrets. You’ll understand this if you concentrate on some people’s lyrics. Not only that but you often can relate exactly to the words they sing. This is why I try to do with my own songs. They’re all personal, so the feeling in them is really strong. I want people to be able to relate and connect with the song, Lastly I want them to enjoy it, so it’s a treat for their ears.”

No Prima Donnas
QJB and The Ant mix original material penned by Q over the course of his career with carefully picked covers from the cheesy and humorous to the alternative and melancholy. The pair have played together for over 7 years in various guises and bands (inc.No Prima Donnas, Running With Scissors, ShellShoqued, and The Bonshells) at venues across Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire and as far afield as Bradford (and it was a field). Always delivered with a sense of humour and a desire to entertain, delight and baffle in equal measure in the original spirit of No Prima Donnas.

This event will be hosted by our very own coffee boy and “Musician” Michael McNeil. There will also be open mic after the booked acts, so bring your friends and your guitar (or whichever instrument is your favourite. We don’t discriminate).

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