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Acoustic Night @ Hydra Books Freedom Press Fundraiser. 23rd of Feb.

All proceeds from this event will go towards Freedom Press to help pay for the damages suffered in a recent firebombing. More news here.

Rita Lynch
Rita Lynch is a singer songwriter who achieved a major profile in the UK in the early 1990s, her sound has been described as PJ Harvey meets At The Drive-In with a dose of the usual dark ambience that accompanies most Bristol releases. She retains a devoted following today and continues to record and perform. Her live performances currently feature a two-piece line-up with John Langley ( Blue Aeroplanes, Witness, The Mekons, Strangelove, Saturation Point) on drums. She is also known as backing singer and guitarist with cult Bristol band, The Blue Aeroplanes.

Damon T
New York City born singer-songwriter influenced by Blues & Americana roots music. His original music has a bluesy, cinematic style with a percussion form of guitar playing accompanied by soulful vocals, whilst performing a unique blend of popular covers. Now living in the UK, recording and performing gigs around Gloucestershire.

Ghost Trail
Ghost Trail are an acoustic duo, playing a wide range of covers from Adele, Elton John and Fleetwood Mac – right through to Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. All have been adapted to their individual acoustic style and we just know you’ll love them!!

This event will be hosted by our very own coffee boy and “Musician” Michael McNeil.
As always, there will be open mic after the booked acts, so bring your Stylophone with you if you want to rock the joint and raise some money.

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Acoustic Night.

Saturday 26th of January.
Join us for our first music night of 2013! with some upcoming and sublime local talent.

Ryan Inglis
Ryan Inglis’ music is an acoustic guitar base, matured for over 10 years infused with gospel inspired rhythm, melodic bass-lines. Garnished with haunting strings & grade A lead guitar hooks and seasoned with chopped dance/trance samples. Connoisseurs will appreciate the thoughtful lyrics and the vocal tone (a particular delicacy) Low in fat, Ryan Inglis is also suitable for vegetarians and with a calorie count of 0 you can listen to as much as you like guilt free.

Rhiane Hacker
“I’d say I really began songwriting in february 2012, I had written a few songs beforehand but they were never really that great. Music has always meant a lot to me. It’s cliche but it’s there for me when the world isn’t. I think that music has the power to show the deepest secrets. You’ll understand this if you concentrate on some people’s lyrics. Not only that but you often can relate exactly to the words they sing. This is why I try to do with my own songs. They’re all personal, so the feeling in them is really strong. I want people to be able to relate and connect with the song, Lastly I want them to enjoy it, so it’s a treat for their ears.”

No Prima Donnas
QJB and The Ant mix original material penned by Q over the course of his career with carefully picked covers from the cheesy and humorous to the alternative and melancholy. The pair have played together for over 7 years in various guises and bands (inc.No Prima Donnas, Running With Scissors, ShellShoqued, and The Bonshells) at venues across Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire and as far afield as Bradford (and it was a field). Always delivered with a sense of humour and a desire to entertain, delight and baffle in equal measure in the original spirit of No Prima Donnas.

This event will be hosted by our very own coffee boy and “Musician” Michael McNeil. There will also be open mic after the booked acts, so bring your friends and your guitar (or whichever instrument is your favourite. We don’t discriminate).

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First anniversary of Hydra Books

The 26th of November marks the date that Hydra books first opened its doors. It is also the date that the Hydra will be visited by arguably some of the best that the South West has to offer in terms of local music and upcoming talent, in the form of Katie Meade, Triinu Tamsulu, and Wolfhound. Starting from 7pm

Katie Meade
Katie Meade is a solo acoustic musician, performing sublime and haunting covers of well know songs, as well as thoughtful and expressive originals.

Triinu Tammsalu
Triinu Tammsalu was born in the Soviet Union, in the year of the Snake and in the month of Libra. After a couple of years, there were some big changes in the world, and the country where she was born, was named Estonia. Music was all around during that time and Estonians themselves call it the period of “the singing revolution”.

During the summer of 2011, Triinu was discovering the music scene in England for the first time, starting with Gloucester, Cheltenham and Bristol. After having finished her music studies in Paris, she returned to the UK in 2012. Always up for new challenges and eager to learn and hone her skills, she is confident to be seen and heard.

Comprised of sisters Sally & Natalie Joiner Wolfhound are from North Somerset in the South West of England. They write and play their own songs, based loosely around lead electric, twelve-string acoustic and electric/acoustic bass guitars. Despite their young ages they are very ambitious and professional in their approach to their music and performances. They self released their first EP Empty Lighthouse at the end of 2011 and are currently working on new songs and recording a new EP. Sally is 17 years old and currently studying for a Music Practice Diploma at Weston College. In Wolfhound she sings, plays electric lead and acoustic guitars and provides percussion using a Logarhythm stompbox. Her musical influences include The White Stripes, Kings Of Leon, Mumford and Sons and Radiohead. Natalie is 15 years old and currently studying for her GCSEs at school. In Wolfhound she sings, plays twelve-string & six-string acoustic guitars, electric and acoustic bass guitars and electric guitar. Her influences include Muse, Paolo Nutini, Lissie, The Killers, Suzanne Vega and Taylor Swift.

This event will be hosted by our very own “musician” and general Ship Waif, Micheal McNeil. There will also be Open Mic after the booked acts, so why not bring your own guitar, or ukulele? or rip the church organ out of Bristol Cathedral and drag it down Old Market?

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