Bristol World Development Movement Meeting

Date: Wednesday 13th June
Time: 7:30pm

After 40 years of existence Bristol WDM needs your help. Over these years we have created a space for people to meet and discuss issues of global justice and campaign locally against the policies that keep the global south poor. But now, without more people to join our group of campaigners our future is looking shaky. We need new group members who can spare a few hours each month to reinvigorate our group and give us back our active spirit!

This is an opportunity to come together and be part of a national movement fighting for justice everywhere.  If you have ever come to one of our events and enjoyed the discussion, been inspired by a speaker or challenged by a documentary then you will know how important the space that Bristol WDM provides is.

If you think you can join us or are interested in finding out more come along and enjoy a zapatista coffee and an informal meeting.
We need people to:
– Organise speaker evenings hosting representatives from movements in the global south, lecturers with knowledge of the policies and people behind the headlines and local activists fighting to make another world possible.
– Research films and promote our monthly Global Justice Cinema
– Plan and organise stunts and campaigns to pressurise the decision makers to reform the policies that keep people poor.

Bristol WDM is proud to facilitate a relaxed, informal group and those who are involved already welcome fresh ideas and new perspectives.
Positions up for grabs:
– Group Coordinator
– Group Treasurer
– Events Officer
– Activism Officer
– Communications Officer

These posts are all flexible and you can make of them what you will.
WDM nationally also promises lots of opportunities for training, meeting groups and global justice activists from across the country and a regular updates about the movements struggling against injustice across the world.
If you want to have a quick chat about Bristol WDM please feel free to give Dan an email on
Find Bristol WDM on

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